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Grid computing accelerates time to market, dramatically improves the utilization of existing hardware and software assets, defers incremental capital spending and facilitates highly collaborative models of knowledge creation in science, engineering and data driven environments.

GridFrastructure, Inc., is pioneering the adoption of grid computing technologies by commercial enterprises. We offer a suite of software products that augment the wide range of existing middleware with industrial strength management tools. Our focus is on the needs of business users and production data processing shops.

The vast majority of existing grid technologies are middleware. That is, software that facilitates the reliable and secure execution of applications on distributed resources. A subset of these tools provide some of the features and functions necessary to meet the needs of commercial users for high levels of trust, heterogeneous deployment, policy based authorization, detailed accounting, real-time monitoring, management of distributed datasets and service quality metrics. GF-Grid, GridFrastructure's market leading grid management solution, addresses all these needs.

GF-Grid is the essential component for deployments that make the transition from disjoint middleware or sub-set products to true grid computing solutions. Tools available from other vendors provide support for cluster management, p2p desktop cycle aggregation or distributed data management. Only GF-Grid provides support for all these capabilities as well as advanced enterprise and inter-enterprise models of distributed data processing.

GridFrastructure augments the capabilities of GF-Grid with a true solutions oriented approach to customer needs assessment, product selection and deployment support.

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