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Management Team

Dan Feldman, President

Mr. Feldman has 28 years of experience in building large-scale computer systems. Most recently, he was Senior Vice President of Product Development for Open Ratings, Inc. (www.openratings.com), where he was employee number four and was responsible for managing all technical aspects of the company’s business, including teams of research mathematicians, software engineers, quality assurance personnel and operations staff. Prior to Open Ratings, Mr. Feldman was founding CTO of Avicenna Systems, a pioneer internet based provider of on-line health care related services. Avicenna Systems was sold to a public company less than one year after being funded and is now part of WebMD. Prior to Avicenna, Mr. Feldman was Director of Software Engineering for Expressway Technologies and served as Senior Manager at Sybase subsequent to their acquisition of Expressway. He has also served as Vice President of Research and Development for the Trading Support Division of Thomson Financial Services and in a variety of technical and technical management roles at Bose Corporation, Henco Software and Advantage Systems. Mr. Feldman was granted a United States Patent for his development of high performance entitlement management software and systems.

Justine Hebert, Chief Technical Officer

Ms. Hebert has been in the commercial software industry for over 20 years. She has held the position of Managing Director, Voice Over IP practice for Lucent professional services, Senior Technical Consultant at both Ascend Communications and Stratus Computer and a variety of technical and technical management positions at Standard Oil, Mid-South Utilities, John Hancock Life Insurance and Advantage Systems. She is an expert in the performance of large-scale computer systems and has contributed to the successful implementation of a wide variety of applications in banking, trading, telecommunications, gaming and insurance. Ms. Hebert holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.




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